All Trans Safety Course


Yearly subscription of $19.99/per user

$9.99/per user 1 time setup fee

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Product Description

School Bus Safety Course features the following:

Driver Training: Pre-Quiz Driver Training: Company Policy, Employee/Supervisor Roles
Driver Training: What you need to know Driver Training: Loading and Unloading Students
Driver Training: Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Driver Training: accident Reporting
Driver Training: Backing Accidents Driver Training: Rear end Collisions
Driver Training: Intersection Collisions Driver Training: Bicycle Accident Prevention
Driver Training: Overview of Driver Training Driver Training: Defensive Driving
Driver Training: Bad Weather and Night Driving Driver Training: Driver Fatigue
Driver Training: Left Turns and Blind Spots Driver Training: Lifts and Wheelchair Securement
Driver Training: Distracted Driving Driver Training: Abusive Conduct
Driver Training: Final Quiz

You will also receive a personalized Certificate of Completion at the end of your course.


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