STOP Program Custom Services

The STOP Team is here to make your needs a reality. The following are a few of our custom service offerings:

1. Detailed Loss Analysis completed by a professional Loss Control Specialist detailing Large Loss Detail, accident trends and specific action steps based on data analysis to assist you in reducing exposure. Upon completion of the analysis, you will have a clear understanding of what has happened and what to do moving forward.

2. On Site Loss Control service is available by one of our Loss Control Specialist who will meet with you at your business, analyze the data and exposure and deliver a written Risk Management program designed for your business specifically.

3. Company Policies and Procedures review and assessment. We can analyze what you have and make recommendations or we can initiate a Safety and Training Manual if you do not have one currently.

4. Custom lessons for those that want to ‘personalize’ their program. We can tailor any lesson to your needs and make our program yours. These are just a few of the Custom Services we can offer your business. Please call us today to discuss your needs and our solutions. Please call today to get started! 855-780-STOP