“Two things matter when learning: attention and memory. Given the limited attention span of adults (an average of 5-10 minutes), how material is presented matters. By providing material in a concise and specific manner, the learner will likely retain more of the information. The streamlined approach of the STOP Program recognizes the value of this instructional style to maximize the consumer’s learning and retention of its material.”


Melinda S. Harper, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Psychology
Queens University of Charlotte
Charlotte Psychotherapy & Consultation Group



“Include differentiators such as chauffeur safety training, sensitivity training, CPR, on the road and classroom training, etc….. And don’t neglect to detail the specifics of management and chauffeur training programs.”

“Ultimately, it’s all about chauffeurs, and demonstrating a commitment to strict hiring, mentoring, training, and retraining programs is essential. As more and more limousine companies add larger vehicles to their fleets, including vans, limo buses, and full-size motor coaches, it’s critical that underwriters know that proper vehicle-specific chauffeur/driver training is being provided to all who operate these vehicles and the liability (i.e., larger passenger loads) they carry.”

Effectively Managing Your Insurance Premiums

~Randy O’neill, VP of Lancer