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  • Access 24/7 to over 60 safety based modules
  • Access to Safety Manuals for Fleet and Employee based topics
  • Access to a library of safety articles and information
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Access to industry vendors with “Member Only” specials and discounts
  • Customized modules designed specifically for your business
  • Vehicle Inspection forms
  • Safety Sites information and contact
  • Up-to-date Safety and Loss Control Information
  • Have a specific concern? Ask a safety question!
  • Up to 5% discount on auto liability.

"STOP training is an effective training and re-training tool..."

"Thank you for introducing us to the STOP training modules.  It has become an effective training and re-training tool for our company.  We have put all our drivers through the course and tests.  We have also included it in our post-accident re-training.

It is very easy to use and it is full of useful information.

Thank you again for putting this together, Secure Transportation would recommend it to any vehicle fleet operator."

Xavier Canale, Director of Operations
Secure Transportation, Whittier, CA

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